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Restaurante A Ruína

Telefoon: 289 512 094    
Adres:Cais Herculano, 8200-061 Albufeira - Algarve - Portugal

Taken by the Arabs in 716, Albufeira, then called “Al-Buhera” - Castle of the Sea.

With the earthquake of 1755, the city suffered irreparable damage, with it's Castle walls being partially destroyed, as well as and the water reservoir, wich lost it's aqueduct.
Using the wall structure from the Tower wich defended Sant’Ana's Door, the restaurant A Ruína is open since 1971 - with João and Salomé Lázaro: the art of good hospitality, always - associated with the development of Albufeira.

With four interior rooms, being one of them an ancient well room, in the Summer you can enjoy the terrace and the esplanada at the beach.

Room capacity
Interior: ( Total: 166 people )
Main room: 53 pax
Well room: 33 pax
Groups Room: 60 pax
Bar room: 20 pax

At the outside: ( Total: 175 people )
Terrace: 100 pax
Beach: 75 pax

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