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Telephone: +351 919 957 777
Address:Rua Filipe de Vilhena, nº14

* The SALXIBOX is a new brand of premium sausages that promises to make an impact on the concept of Street Food.
It is possible to experience traditional Portuguese recipe sausages in several parts of the country.
And soon, a Festival near you.
The SALXIBOX product range has been carefully designed to be juicy, healthy and delicious at the same time introducing new and exciting flavors that bring something different to the concept of Street Food.
The brand clearly bet ondifferentiation and in the quality of the product, being prepared with whole parts of 100% national meats, delicate herbs and spices that translate into very tasty sausages with low fat content.
The recipes are his own creation.
A bet on selected meat of Iberian black pig and beef domestic and supporting a range of 4 products with a focus on national cuisine: traditional, Portuguese, the Alentejo and the cheese.
The brand, attentive to new trends, prepares to launch two new flavors to a public whose preferences focus on a diet based more white meats and vegetables.
The sausage comes accompanied by bread of own recipe and served in a box "push up" for easy consumption, and that ease of use can become the standard in the short term for this type of product.
But what distinguishes this brand new Street Food is not just sausage or the formas it is consumed, but also the accompanying.
For this the bet brand in the production of own mustard, whose recipe is secret, but we can say that the array of taste is in Dijon, we recognize his palate, but with softer and subtle nuances, which makes it unique, "said Susana Garcia, responsible for project.

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