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Restaurante A Ruina

Telephone: +351 289 512 094

* Taken by the Arabs in 716, Albufeira was then designated as "Al-Buhera"-Castle of the sea.
With the 1755 earthquake the village suffered irreparable damage, getting undone part of the wall of the Castle and the cistern that ran out of aqueduct.
Taking advantage of the structure of the wall of the tower which defended the port de Sant'Ana, the ruin has been operating since 1971-always with John and Salome Lazarus in the art of hospitality-being associated with the development ofAlbufeira.
Consisting of four interior rooms, one being an ancient cistern, in summer you can also enjoy the terrace and terrace on the beach.
Capacity of rooms Inside: (Total: 166 people) Main room: 53 pax The tank room: 33 pax Group room: 60 pax Bar room: 20 pax Overseas: (Total: 175 people) Terrace: 100 pax Beach: 75 pax

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